Health management at RWE


Occupational safety and health management at RWE

The health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and visitors are RWE’s top priority. Our excellent Health and Safety Management team, which focusses on accident prevention, helps us to achieve our high standards. We want our own employees, as well as contracted employees, to return home just as healthy as they were when they came to work. As an employer, we see it as our responsibility to minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace and to promote the health of our employees. We offer intensive training to our employees in all accident prevention measures. 

High calibre thanks to the development of exemplary standards

Our employees and the employees of our partner companies often work in roles that have special challenges in terms of occupational health and safety. These include, in particular, activities related to mining, the technical aspects of our power plants and working on overhead power lines or wind turbines. As an employer, we take this responsibility seriously and minimise the risk of accidents and health hazards. We have an extensive occupational health and safety management scheme, and have developed the safety culture to go with it. Power plant managers, on-site technicians, engineers on construction sites, employees working in offices – at RWE, all of them are equally responsible for exemplary conduct when it comes to health, safety and the environment. 

Numerous campaigns and seminars

In addition to maintaining physical health, we are also committed to taking care of the mental health of our employees. Particularly in times of change within the company, which inevitably result in instability and insecurity, this is an important task for us. With our Corporate Health Management strategy and our own company medical service, we promote the productivity of our team. Numerous courses and company sports teams are just as much a part of this as seminars on addiction prevention and annual flu vaccinations. A work environment that promotes physical and mental health and satisfaction also involves the management clearly communicating the aspects of our diversity management strategy and Code of Conduct. 

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