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It is our aim to shape the future of energy in Europe. To achieve this, we are seeking innovative ways to make electricity generation even more efficient and environmentally friendly. Our experience in the industry and the latest results of our research are integrated into our day-to-day business. This enables us to use primary energy sources even more efficiently.?

RWE’s extensive engineering expertise has already flowed into ten of our biggest power plants in Europe – and that goes not only for our newly built cutting-edge power plants but also for older plants throughout Europe which undergo regular upgrades and retrofitting in order to boost their efficiency. It is with good reason that RWE is seen internationally as an innovation leader when it comes to coal washing, CO? conversion and renewable energy sources.?

Shared dialogue is important – both internally and externally?

Who can we thank for this wealth of innovative technologies? Dedicated employees who are inventive, expert engineers are the foundation upon which all our new projects are based – whether it’s a new battery storage unit in a hydropower station or the decommissioning of a nuclear power plant over several years. Our experts not only ensure security of supply and environmental standards but also engage in ongoing dialogue with society, the press and the region. We want to be fair (contact) partners for our staff, business partners and stakeholders.?

Responsibility – a major topic at RWE?

With our numerous social commitments, education initiatives and local sponsoring programmes, we take responsibility as a reliable partner in all regions in which we generate power. These projects enjoy the same profile at RWE as climate protection and the renaturation of surface mining areas. Locals living in the direct vicinity of our power plants and mines in the Rhenish mining area learn how seriously we take our social responsibility?through regular neighbourhood magazines and campaigns such as “RWE Aktiv vor Ort” (RWE Active in Your Area).

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