Principal Investments

Investing in assets and shareholdings across the commodity trading spectrum

RWE Supply & Trading founded Principal Investments in order to develop a profitable portfolio of asset investments and company shareholdings in addition to commodities trading positions. Our extensive expertise on the international energy commodities markets puts us at a huge advantage here. The focus is on the markets, of which we have an in-depth understanding and in which we are physically active, in order to best manage the inherent commodities risks they present.?

  • Investments in primarily commodity-related assets and companies generally amount to up to USD 50 million.?
  • Active contribution of skills and knowledge of commodities trading and technical expertise to expand RWE’s market presence.
  • Targeted investments in projects whose value creation is largely generated by the commodities business and less via a complex financing structure.
  • Regional focus on Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific.?


Our team of experienced investment experts headed by Kostas Papamantellos is spread across three RWE sites in the UK and the US. This leads to very effective synergies with RWE’s other core areas of expertise and ensures the broadest possible geographic coverage.?


Examples of active investments

Examples of completed investments

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