Application tips for graduates

The best way to approach your application

What our human resources managers like to see

The Internet is jam-packed with tips on how to write the ‘perfect application’ – here, we at RWE want to give you a few useful pointers.??

Invest enough time in it

HR managers cannot spend as much time looking through each individual application as they might like. However, the amount of time you have spent on your application is immediately obvious to the trained eye, which is why you should be careful to make sure every detail is correct. We know that students and graduates have to apply to a large number of companies – but simply changing the address and a few lines in the cover letter is still a no-no. In the best-case scenario, your cover letter will give some insight into who you are and what your motivation is for applying for the position. Many universities and trade fairs also offer an application check by experienced HR experts. Take advantage of it!? ?

Prepare well

Like job interviews and assessment centres, you don’t necessarily get better the more applications you do. What is true is that you gain practice with time and this increases your confidence. You can consider yourself well prepared if you know what is important to you and what makes you stand out. If you also understand the reasons, motivation and experiences behind your career path so far, that’s wonderful!??

Don’t be led astray by application tips from assessment centres online – in our opinion, they rarely help but can often be confusing.?

Just be yourself

We like people with natural, authentic personalities. Openness and genuine interest not only make an interview more relaxed but also help you, too.

Did you spot on a careers website that your interviewer went to the same university, or shares something else in common with you? Referring to things like this can break down barriers. After all, we want to get to know you as a potential future colleague. Feel free to bring notes into the interview, write down important information and ask if anything is still unclear.

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