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Divisions Gas, hard coal, water and biomass
Facts about the company RWE Generation runs one of the largest flexible power plant fleets in Germany, as well as highly efficient power plants in the UK and the Netherlands.  
Sites Essen, Germany (headquarters) 
Sites in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK

An overview of the company

Driver of the energy transition and number four in the European gas sector

RWE Generation SE is responsible for electricity generation from gas, hard coal, hydropower and biomass within the RWE Group. With approximately 3,100 employees in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Turkey, we operate power plants with a total capacity of around 25 gigawatts.

Our flexible, efficient power plant fleet builds the bridge towards the age of renewables. RWE Generation’s gas fleet ranks fourth in Europe. An excellent starting position, since gas is playing an increasingly important role as a bridge into the age of renewables. One of the energy sources used by the company is biomass, in particular in the Netherlands where two hard-coal-fired power plants are being converted to using the carbon-neutral fuel. RWE Generation also operates hydro-electric power plants in many core markets.

By converting power plants and through successfully developing storage technologies, RWE Generation is making a crucial contribution towards the ambitious goal of RWE as a whole: to become climate-neutral by 2040. 


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RWE Generation SE

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