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We aim to be carbon-neutral by 2040.

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Carbon neutrality by 2040

RWE Renewables

A global player from Germany: number two worldwide in offshore wind power.

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Activities around the world - a clear focus on growth.

Who we are

Business areas Electricity generation from renewable energy sources, in particular wind and photovoltaics
Facts about the company RWE Renewables is RWE´s renewables powerhouse of the future. While in future 1.5 billion euros net will be available annually for renewables and innovative storage technologies, the operating business is focusing on offshore and onshore wind as well as photovoltaics
Sites Germany, Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania

An overview of the company

Innovation and sustainability champion in the field of renewables

RWE Renewables produces electricity from renewable energy sources. RWE has become a “super player” in the field of renewables. We are the global number 2 in offshore wind. 

We have a goal: to become climate-neutral by 2040. In order to achieve this goal, we are reducing our CO2 emissions as quickly and drastically as possible, by phasing out or converting conventional power plants. We already cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 60 million tonnes of CO2 between 2012 and 2018. That is a 33 per cent reduction. no other company in germany has achieved more in the last few years. We are determined to continue on this

Together, our employees drive forward new, innovative technologies and implement exciting projects. We are planning to invest 1.5 billion euros net annually in expanding renewables and developing storage technologies. We are focusing on the American continent, the European core markets as well new markets in Asia-Pacific. We have plenty of projects in the pipeline, spanning all technologies: offshore and onshore wind as well as photovoltaics. We are currently building the largest European onshore wind farm in Sweden and the largest solar power plant in Australia.



RWE Renewables GmbH

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