"Diversity is about much more than just statistics. It is instead more about a fundamental attitude and corporate culture. In actual fact, it is based on the “real world” outside the company gates. Diversity has many advantages, but it is not always easy. It sometimes entails awkward conversations, but these are also conversations that we need to have. After all, how is it possible to find a good solution if everyone sees things in exactly the same way?"

Giordana Doppstadt, Diversity Officer

Success is in the mix!

To constructively draw upon the major potential of cultural differences and social diversity, across genders, generations, cultures, religions, sexual orientations and health restrictions: that’s the aim of RWE’s approach to diversity management. If we open our eyes and look around at the people in our company, we can see a wide range of different types of people. They differ not only in terms of their appearance, background, gender and age, but also in terms of their religion, sexual orientation and lifestyle. We see this diversity as an asset that positively influences our thoughts and actions.

Our commitment to diversity

RWE employs women and men across all age groups, with different points of view and beliefs, cultural backgrounds and physical and mental capabilities and characteristics. The markets in which RWE is active are just as multifaceted as the customers within these markets. Diversity therefore affects every area of our business.??

When we speak of diversity, we primarily mean the values that we want to ensure in order to inspire as diverse a workforce as possible. Even if we measure diversity in terms of statistics, it is much more about a commitment to a corporate culture that ensures there is space for everyone.?

Diversity management has been integrated into RWE for several years. By signing the Diversity Charter, RWE has shown its commitment to diversity and equal opportunities within the company. Furthermore, we have also been awarded the “Total E-Quality” certificate and are active in a range of networks that promote acceptance and openness

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