Special challenges - statutory and voluntary


Responsible water use and consistent waste management

Essential parts of our value chain – the mining of lignite and the generation of electricity at our sites – are often associated with considerable environmental impacts. Whether it’s nature or species conservation, waste management, preventing noise pollution or reducing particulate matter, RWE has honed its environmental protection policy over decades and it has become a fixed component of the company’s day-to-day business operations. This also includes the fact that we adopt new developments early on, which are also addressed by our stakeholders, among others. For example, we have taken a closer look at issues relating to biodiversity and water use, going far beyond the legal requirements.?

Climate protection

  • Our climate protection strategy for the energy transition of the future

    We pursue our commitment to protecting the climate and lowering our specific CO2 emissions with great consistency and expertise. Thanks to high levels of investment, we are able to continually upgrade our portfolio with modern, highly efficient power plants, thus also reducing our specific CO2 emissions from our conventional power plant portfolio both in absolute terms and relative to the amount of electricity generated.   

    The power plants are operated flexibly in order to make up for the fluctuations in feed-in from renewable energy sources – and this is essential to ensuring the success of the energy transition. With a clear plan to reduce CO2 emissions that is fully in line with the European climate protection targets, RWE makes an active contribution to protecting the climate. There is probably no other sector that reduces its CO2 emissions in such a consistent and targeted way. 

Recultivating former mines

  • Habitats and economic areas for many generations to come

    The recultivation of former mines is of prime importance to RWE. The company has acquired decades of experience in this area and is constantly working to improve recultivation strategies with research institutes, universities and independent experts from the fields of environmental protection, forestry and agriculture. 

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